Thursday, 12 January 2012

Barry M Croc Effects

A nail post for all you lovely girlies tonight :)

I have just painted my nails and decided to give my Barry M Croc Effects nail polish a second try!
(The first was an epic fail, my bad!)

Here's what I used:

Barry M Croc Effects (323) £3.99, available on Barry M's website and Boots (and possibly Superdrug?)
Minnie Mouse Nail Polish, shade 'Minnie' £1.99, from H&M last Summer

 I LOVE this polish, and the Hello Kitty & Bambi ones that H&M brought out last year.
Seriously recommend trying H&M polishes, a bargain at £1.99, brilliant, gorgeous lasting colour with just 1 coat :)

Croc Effects :)

 My right hand...not quite as successful :-/ I can only assume it was down to me being right-handed and not great at painting left-handed with as much neatness and maybe not using enough polish???

I would really recommend this polish :)
I love Barry M!

One thing I would point out (as I found out after my first failed attempt using this) is that nail polish must not be dry when applying this on top! As the bottle says, which I MAY have missed 'Wait 1 to 2 minutes until nails are touch dry. Do not apply to dry polish.'
Also, be patient...the effects do not start for a few minutes ;-)

What do you think?
Will you be buying this?



  1. I love this effect! So pretty

    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  2. Thank you :) I really like it. I was disappointed on first attempt as it all went VERY wrong and ended up coming off on everything I touched and just looked a disaster, but I thought I would try a second time and now I realise it was down to me not applying the Croc Effects when the other polish was 'touch dry'...oops! Should've read the instructions :)


  3. I wish we had Barry M in the states!!
    Also, just became your 100th follower! (:


  4. I did have this but cannot find it for the life of i really want to use it again after seeing this...may have to purchase another =/ *sigh~* hehe xxx

  5. Ooooh this looks fab, I can't believe how well it has taken to the nail and created the pattern! xx

  6. That looks so great, better than the normal crackle effects version :)

  7. *NOTE - the new 'Reply' thing is not working :( So I am having to reply as I normally do!*
    Also...could someone please tell me if you can see the text on comments? I am unable to see any text without highlighting over the area :( AH!!
    ---I also just typed ALL my replies for my internet connection to then drop off as I clicked Publish...
    So, here I go again...

    @Savannah - I get like that when I see things that are in the USA and not over here, it sucks :(
    Thank you for following and being my 100th follower :):):)

    @x Lace, Frills and Lipstick x - Oh no!! I always do that, lose little things like nail polishes and lipsticks haha! At least it is a fairly cheap one, if you do have to repurchase :)
    Thank you for following :)

    @Chloe Mia - I love it. The flash made it appear a bit lighter in the photo but it's a lovely coral-pink and so glossy :)

    @Rachel - I know, when I first saw it I thought 'how could that possibly work???', I still don't know how...but it works! :)

    @Bethan - I'm still not sure which I like best but this one is great :) I wonder what magic Barry M will create as their next Nail Effects polish...


  8. I'm definitely going to try the croc effect stuff! Cute post :) x

  9. Definitely do that ;) and thank you!! xx


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