Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Cute Blog Award

It's always lovely to receive praise about my blog and I love to read everyone's comments, so I was very happy (and grateful) to have been awarded the Cute Blog Award by the lovely Beth, of Bird's Words :) Thank you, Beth!

I have had a couple of blog awards offered to me before but not accepted them, not on purpose, just I am lame and forget to do things...

So, I decided to get my butt into gear and do this (even though it is 1am on a work night and I should be in bed!), especially as the award came from one of my fave bloggers :)

The Rules

- Link back to the person who awarded you
- Answer award questions
- Share something you haven't shared about yourself on your blog
- Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award

The Questions
1. What is your 'go to' make up product?
Eyeliner, love a defined/smokey eye :)

2. What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?

I don't really follow trends much, I kinda go with what I know but I was loving graphic tees last year, so I would say that! Teamed with my faux leather jacket, which is one of my most worn items :)

3. Favourite colour?

I have 2 (well, 3 if you count purple too!):

5. What was the last song you listened to?

Black Veil Brides - Rebel Love Song (About 6 times...I love it!)
I've been really into metal and rock atm, with all the excitement building for Download Festival and line-up announcements/rumours.
Listening to loads of old Bullet For My Valentine, Papa Roach and Sixx: A.M. too \m/

6. Cats or dogs?

I don't really like either...
I think kittens and puppies are cute though!

7. Whats your favourite desert?

Umm...Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough I love, but rarely buy due to the price tag!
Cupcakes from Queenie's Cupcakery in Ironbridge, when I visit there! Because they are THE best, EVER.
But atm I am loving my after dinner fruit mixed in with Weight Watchers fruit yoghurts :)

8. Whats your middle name?

Amelia :)
I am very grateful to my parents for naming me Zoe Amelia, good choice, Mum and Dad :)

My 'Share':

I decided not to go too deep with this one...
but still something that is a personal thing about me:
In relation to Question 6, I don't like dogs because I was badly bitten twice by my Grandparents Alsatian when I was very young and I now have a big fear or dogs!

The Blogs i award are:

Beth (I know you've already accepted one of these)

There are a lot of blogs that I follow and love to read, but these are some of my favourites :)

Thank you, once again, to Beth :)
Go check out her blog!



  1. congratulations! I love a faux leather jacket as well xxx

    1. Thank you :) I wear mine so much, it is definitely one of my fave possessions!

  2. Thankkkk youuuuu for tagging me honey. Im also a Ben & Jerry fan but my fav is half baked... mmmmm can finish the whole tub in 1 go x x

    1. No problem :) Love reading your blog!
      I love that one too, I just love Ben & Jerry's!
      Haha, I resisted doing that, though I probably could too, I am going to finish the tub off now :)


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