Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ramblings of an excited girly :)

A little ramble from me tonight :)
I'm in an excitable mood and just wanted to blog!


Download Festival
My sister and I have officially BOOKED OUR TICKETS!! (Thanks to my dad for borrowing me the money so we could get them before the price increase!)
Weekend + 5 day camping tickets, car park and locker, sorted!
Just need to save, plan and get a couple of our friends to hurry up and book tickets now :)
I am soooooo soooooo excited to have the tickets booked!
I've been excited for the past 2 lots of announcements and am also excited for next week as another 11+ bands/artists are going to be announced!
I'm hoping for Motley Crue, Papa Roach, The Used and Stone name just a few :)


Nikki Sixx
On the subject of all things rock...
I have always had a little obsession for Nikki Sixx but recently more than ever, yes.
He is now 53 years old and his son has just turned 21 today...yes, Nikki is 29 years older than me but still...
He was a hellraiser in the past and did things that I do not agree with (drugs!) but ignore all that and look at the man, the talent and the story.
I got his autobiography, The Heroin Diaries for Christmas. I haven't started reading yet but am excited to read it :)

A male friend asked me and my sister what our 'type' of guy would be, to which I answered 'long black hair, tattoos, in a rock band...oh, and preferably Welsh'...he was a bit stunned lol!
(Nikki Sixx isn't Welsh, but I just love the Welsh accent and Welsh men, one of my fave bands, KIGH are Welsh :) )

I'm off...
to Newcastle for a long weekend, yay!
Leaving tomorrow, straight from work at 5pm, staying til Sunday.
So, I shall be away from Blogger for the whole weekend :-o
I am really looking forward to this weekend :)

Organised chaos.
Clothes that I plan to take, currently hanging on wardrobe and bedroom doors.
Suitcase empty (and probably will be until early hours, as I always end up packing early hours in the morning!)
I wish someone could pack for me...

There we have it, a different post to usual...some may find it boring, some may not :)

I hope all my lovely followers are having a good week so far!



  1. I went to download years ago, one of favourite memories! Have you been before? Hope you have fun in Newcastle and dont get too stressed while packing! Pack light, you can always buy more! ;)

  2. Yes, I went in 2009 and 2011. Sadly missed 2010 due to money and have regretted not going ever since! I love it, so many great memories :)
    Thank you, I had a good weekend! I think I just make things a lot more stressful than they need to be...


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