Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year's Eve and New Year's Night OOTN

(Another delayed post!)

So, this time last week New Year's Eve was over and done with and 2012 had begun.

New Year's Eve I went out to my friends flat in town, then to Wetherspoons, before heading to Fever bar for the Midnight countdown.
The place is a dive, my Topshop dress got covered in drink after a big brawl of chav lads got dragged out by the bouncers past us, but I had a great night with some great friends :)
I almost didn't go out, I was suffering with a cold, I forgot to buy tights (but luckily found some!), my bedroom light had gone, then my lipstick broke (which I managed to fix!). I was not feeling going out by this point!
I drove, as I didn't fancy drinking, I didn't want a hangover NYD, wanted to go for a road trip, had no money to drink and pay double for taxi's, plus I can have a good night without drink :)

Enough rambling...
Here's a few pics of me and my outfit!

 Dress: Topshop
Shoes: New Look last Summer (these get compliments every time I wear them!)
Driving pumps: Asda!

Hair: Head Kandy extensions, dyed a year ago when I first went purple!
Curled using my amazing Herstyler Curling Iron (I will do a post about this soon!)

17 Skin Perfecting Shine Free Foundation 'Natural'
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 'Silky Beige'
Accessorize Blush 'Diva'
 Vivo Baked Shimmer Palette 'Paparazzi' Black Eyeshadow
 L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes mascara 'Black'
 Collection 2000 Lasting Colour 'Bubblegum' Lipstick

H&M Hello Kitty 'Pink Summer'


New Year's Night

New Year's Night I went for a drive with my sister and one of the lads. We decided on Blackpool!
2 and a half hours of in the dark driving later, at 8pm, we arrived!
As expected, it was ridiculously windy and freezing.
We went to Coral Island for a play on the machines. I put £1 in the change machine, hoping for 10p's, then to my horror, realised as I dropped my pound coin in, that the machine dispensed 2p's...EPIC FAIL!
After the arcade, we went for a drink at the posh new Wetherspoons, which had a circus/funfair type theme, with a massive Waltzer looking booth, which we sat in :) Big children!
After that, I quite fancied going clubbing, but it was very quiet around and so we ended up just going to get a cheesey chip wrap, then off home.

Rambling on again...

Here's my outfit I wore for the road trip:

Jacket: New Look
Top: MTV vest from River Island (currently on sale!), over H&M tunic vest
Leggings: Primark's finest
Pumps: Asda
Bag: Primark

As always, I have a list of posts that I plan to do and need to make time for doing.
Later tonight, or tomorrow, I plan to open and photograph my Lush sale goodies and do a post, as promised! I'm quite excited actually, I haven't really looked through any of it since I bought it all (I know, that's really bad!).

Hope you have all had a nice weekend :)



  1. :O those heels are AMAZING!! you look lovely :) xx

  2. Everyone seems to love them lol. When I got to my friends all the girls there were like 'OH MY GOD...where are they from?!', then gutted when I told them I got them last Summer. They were only £20-25 too! I knew they were nice, but not that nice, haha! I didn't even plan to wear them NYE, but because my light was broke I couldn't find the ones I wanted to wear and these were already out, so I wore them :) Aww, thank you :) xx

  3. Love your NYE outfit and the colour of your hair is gorgeous!

    Holli x

  4. Lovely outfits, your shoes are fab and love your nail colour too x x

  5. @Holli - Thank you :) I'm going through a phase again atm where I want my blonde hair back though...

    @Lucy - Thanks :) The nail varnish was an absolute steal, £1.99!! It's one of the best ones I own!


  6. Your shoes are gorgeous! Love your hair :D


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