Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Lush Storage and Ecoflo Re-use :)

OMG...what a stress! Some of you may have noticed that my Comments have recently become invisible, meaning I was unable to read them without highlighting over them... Well, I have been stressing, trying to find a solution and doing some HTML, following a website guide I found here my comments are now visible, PHEW!!

Anywaaay, tonight I am posting about Lush and how I store my Lush and re-use the Ecoflo (100% biodegradable potato starch), which Lush use to fill out their gift boxes.

Lush also sometimes use popcorn, which is also biodegradable :)

Being an environmentally friendly company, Lush use these 2 types of packaging as they are better than plastic/polystyrene and also biodegradable, so can be put in compost bins/heaps!
Plus they are a lot more exciting...or is that just me being a bit dorky?? Hehe :)

So, I don't have a compost bin/heap and for those of you who don't own one, or know of anyone with one, here's what I do with my Ecoflo...

Plastic container...

2 boxes full of Ecoflo from my recent Lush haul...

Pour in the 'Rainbow Wotsits'...

Here's one I made earlier...

and place products in :)

This keeps the products fresh and is a great way of storing them.
You can leave the lid off the box to keep your room smelling fresh and Lush too ;)

I also have another one of these, with some older Lush products in.
I re-use them again and again but if ever I don't need them, I will give to my colleague who has a compost heap :)

and as for the sealed (bottles/tubs) products...
I am currently storing them in one of the Lush cardboard boxes, before putting in the cardboard recycling, naturally :)

For more information on Lush's environmental good-doing click here.
and for their lovely products here :)

What do you think?
How do you store your Lush goodies??



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