Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lush Sale Haul 2011

Finally, I have got round to sorting through and photographing my Lush sale haul :)

This post was actually typed up and ready to publish last night...then my laptop would not recognise my memory card, with the photos on! Annoying! So, I have now sorted, uploaded and cropped my photos (mainly to cut the post down a bit, as there are a few!) and here it is!

I put a few photos in my Boxing Day and post Christmas sale hauls post previously, but now I bring you a more in depth look and the products I bought.

The main thing I planned to buy was the Gingerbread House Tin, which my sister and I thankfully grabbed the last 2 of! and a big bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel *rant start*, which I didn't manage to get in the Arndale Lush store, as a woman and her son went in as soon as it opened and bought every bottle there...£117 of Snow Fairy (and that was half price!!). There were a lot of annoyed ladies and girls in there. Clearly this woman was buying to sell on for profit! There should be a limit/restriction for these cases, it's not fair on others who want some!

Anyway, thankfully, we went to the other Manchester Lush store when that opened 2 hours later and I grabbed a big 500g bottle. I recognised a few faces and heard another woman ranting about the woman who bought the lot, then....SHE WAS THERE!!! They had clearly dropped off the first load and were back for more, this time buying ALMOST every single bottle, bar 1 or 2! £97 for this lot! How annoying?! So glad I got mine a minute before she appeared! *rant finish*

So, I went a tad overboard. The sale was HALF PRICE on Christmas products, Christmas gift sets and products made before 1st October.

Here's more photos of what I got :)
(Pic always!)
The whole stash :)
Total £47.44 (for almost £100 worth of Lushness!)

I made 3 separate hauls during my day in Manchester, then one smaller haul in Telford a couple of days later.

(Full price in brackets)

Manchester Haul 1:
Gingerbread House Tin £7.25 (14.50)
Candy Cane Soap £3.05 (7.10) (0.258kg)
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £1.18 (2.35)

Total £11.97 (from £23.95, saving of £11.98)

The mahoosive wedge of Candy Cane Soap, yum!

Manchester Haul 2:
Snow Fairy Shower Gel £4.98 (9.95) (500g)
Baby It's Cold Outside Gift Box £9.48 (18.95)
Cosy Christmas Gift Box £3.98 (7.95)
The Melting Snowman £0.98 (1.95)
Magic Wand Bubble Bar £2.48 (4.95)
Superstars Bubble Bar £1.13 (2.25)
Northern Lights Soap £2.75 (5.49) (0.186kg)

Total £25.71 (from £51.49, saving £25.78) 

Manchester Haul 3:
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £1.18 (2.35) x2
Buche de Noel Cleanser £2.98 (5.95)
Pow Wow Lip Scrub £2.38 (4.75) 

Total £6.54 (from £13.05, saving £6.51) 

Telford Haul:
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £1.18 (2.35)
Cinders Ballistic £0.98 (1.95)
Gingerbread House Bubble Bar £1.48 (2.95)

Total £3.64 (from £7.25, saving £3.61)

and the latest Lush Times, hot of the press that day :)
This has got me excited about the upcoming seasonal products, Valentines and Easter products on my wishlist! 

I will do posts, reviewing some of these products, as and when I get round to using them :)
If you have any questions about any, just ask!

I know the Lush sale has ended online, but some stores may still have stock, so it's worth a look :)

Anyone else have a Lush obsession?
Did you go crazy in the Lush sales?



  1. oh so jealous u got so much lovely stuff my nearest lush store is a 2 hour drive away and the lush website was down and by the time i could get onto it everything was gone and i planned to go to my nearest store but got the flu :( im only new enough to lush do they ever do sales like this throughout the year do u know? That woman should of been barred for doing that thats just crazy like!! x

  2. Wow!! I am soooo jealous!!! That is a huge Lush haul!!! :)


  3. WOW I can't believe how much stuff you got!! :D

  4. Wow you got ALLOT of stuff, it all looks so gorgeous too. OMG cant believe someone came and bought all the Snow Fairy, they should put a limit on how much you can buy x x

  5. wow thats a lot of stuff jealous

  6. I went a bit mad during the Lush sale too!!! I bought two gift sets, Northern Lights and the other one.. I can't remember the name at this very minute!! I adore Snow Fairy and Glogg too so I got enough to last me quite a while!!

    Did that lady really but £117 worth of Snow Fairy??,, Bit unfair on everyone else in the store in my opinion xx

  7. @Steph - Oh no, really? That sucks :( I heard that the website was a nightmare as soon as the sales went live. I tried to get on once or twice, then gave up! I don't have a Lush store in my hometown, but my nearest is 15 miles away.
    Christmas is the main sale, they don't generally have any other sales. They have seasonal goods, which I don't remember being on sale though :( Some of their prices do seem high, but the products are worth it :)
    I know, it's really not fair or right for her to have done that!

    @Jasmine - It smells SO good too :)
    It looks even better as a full wheel of it

    @Jen - I was a bit bigger than I planned! I'm just a sucker for Lush and when it's half price, I couldn't stop myself! :)

    @Emily - Haha :) I think I may have beaten last year's Lush sale haul...

    @Lucy - It's bad, isn't it? When I put it all out to take the photo I thought 'ah...lots of bath products...I don't really have baths!', oops! Much more of a shower person, but I shall make use of the bath products :) I am trying baths to make me sleepy as I just can't sleep recently...think I have insomnia :-o
    I totally agree. It's wrong. She was clearly buying to sell on to Lush fans who couldn't get any online/instore and will pay high prices for some...meaning that lady will be making a huge profit, grr! She put both lots on credit card too...seriously...who does that?! She looked dodgy, I must say!

    @Beauty Fiend - I know, let's just say I had to run upstairs when I got home from Manc that day. My mum would have gone crazy if she saw how much Lush stuff I got lol :)

    @Laura - Ahh, glad to hear I wasn't the only one :) Sounds good!
    I love Snow Fairy. I've never tried Glogg, so looking forward to giving that a try :)
    Yes, plus the £97 worth in the other store!!! It really is...I just stood there, wishing someone would say something, or stop her!

    @Kirsty - I did :-/ I'm well stocked up now anyway. I just about finished the previous year's sale haul in time for this one :)

    Thanks for all your comments girls :) I enjoy reading them all! Thank you for taking time to read/look at my posts :)

  8. love lush... love ya blog xx

  9. oooooo Lush is great ! please do a review ! i would love to try some new bits.

  10. I know, I love Lush!!

    I have done a review on Candy Mountain here and plan to do reviews on the other products as soon as I have used them. I am going to do a few per post for the other products :)
    Some of the products may have now sold out but it's definitely worth checking online and instore for leftovers of the Christmas range ;)
    and of course, the Valentine's range is now out!!



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