Saturday, 14 January 2012

Update: My Blog Name and URL Have Changed :) and more!

Hey lovelies :)

Firstly, OMG, I reached the milestone of 100 followers the other day, YAY!!
and by the time I came on to Blogger, this has now gone to 102 :)
So happy and very grateful for you all following and supporting/reading and commenting on my blog! THANK YOOOOOOUUUUU!!!

Now, I've been planning on doing this for SO long and decided today, that as I have just gone over the 100 follower point I will do it...


So, welcome to Amelia's Allsorts :)

Questions you may be wanting to ask...

How come you changed your blog name?
Well, I figured Blue Eyed Blonde didn't quite fit any longer, as I have been a Purplette for the past year, it's a new year, I wanted a change of blog name, I found that Googleing Blue Eyed Blonde had the risk of coming up with scantily-clad blondes (lol!) and I suddenly had the idea month's ago of Amelia's Allsorts as a blog name and liked the sound of it.

What's the name all about?
My middle name is Amelia :) and my blog is about allsorts...
This is not just a beauty blog...

Has anything else changed?
Yes :) I have now registered a new Hotmail email address, especially for my blog.  So, if any of my followers would like to get in touch with me (other than through comments on my blogposts) you can contact me at:

I will try to check this every day and reply to any questions, comments or anything else :)
As always, please continue to comment on my blogposts as I love to hear your views, opinions, and general comments. I always try my best to reply too!

Also, if any PR people would like to get in touch, the same email address can be used.

I plan to add a few pages up the top of my blog, when I get some time to do this (About Me, Contact Me, etc...)

I also changed my Profile photo...

So, goodbye Blue Eyed Blonde ( and hello Amelia's Allsorts (

Thank you all so much :)
I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog!

Have a fab weekend!!


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